Home Sleep Testing (HST) Vs. Polysomnography Lab Testing (PSG)

In the United States since 2009, there has been a focus by most of the large insurance companies to provide medical coverage to their patients for in-home sleep testing. The benefits of cost containment, patient comfort and efficacy of the testing modality has now begun to shift the focus to a home based study in patients highly suspected of having an obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis.

Recently, as home based technologies have seen great advancements in diagnostic positive predictive values, virtually all of the large insurance companies have now modified their policies to provide this simple home-based approach for their patients.

Increasing insurance co-pays and yearly deductibles has mandated the transition to HST as the monetary benefits of a techologically advanced home based diagnostic equates to a manageable cost for detection and screening for your patients.

compare HST vs. PSG