Frequently asked questions regarding Home Sleep Test

Who should have a Home Sleep Test (HST)?

Mild to moderate OSA candidates. Typical HST patients should be experiencing two or more of the following symptoms:

When will results be sent to the Doctor?

Typically 10 days or sooner. The average turnaround time is 10 days from initial referral. As soon as SleepSTAT receives the device from the patient, it is processed and made available for the Board Certified Sleep Physician for review. In most cases, it is interpreted within 24 hours. Once it is interpreted, the results are automatically faxed to the referral physician.

What exactly will the test show?

9 channels of analytical data

How much is the cost to the patient?

This depends entirely on the individual insurance plan. The nightly charge is typically $300/night; which is significantly less than the $2,000-$5,000 charge for a facility-based test. Each insurance company and policy covers HST differently. We will verify the insurance coverage for each policy and will discuss with the patient prior to services.