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What is a Home Sleep Test?

A Home Sleep Test is a self-administered, non-invasive medical test used to diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition that causes a person to pause or stop breathing during sleep. Most patients find it easier to sleep during a Home Sleep Test, compared to a Sleep Lab Test. Learn more about the differences between Home Sleep Test vs. Sleep Lab Test.

Home Sleep Testing is Comfortable · Convenient · Cost Effective

Why choose SleepSTAT?

Doctor owned and operated company, SleepSTAT offers in-home sleep diagnostic services, focused on the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea utilizing the finest and most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment.

SleepSTAT’s Home Sleep Testing is Accessible • Accurate • Affordable

Some of the benefits of using SleepSTAT

  • Board Certified Sleep Medicine Physician diagnosis and supervision
  • Comfortable in-home testing
  • Conveniently schedule the test whenever you are available
  • Cost significantly less than testing in a sleep lab
  • 9 channels of sleep data
  • Rapid results / diagnosis in days
  • Voice prompted home instructions
  • Most patients progress from initial referral to treatment in 10 days or less